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Wink War has never been so much Nintendo

Short version of the story, Cannon Fodder has been ported (as homebrew) to the Wii:

and to the DS:

Long version (based on what I can read on the sites):
Foxy, who did the Wii version first converted the ST version to PC under C/SDL in order to port it to Symbian.
Then he adapted the C/SDL version to the Wii.

More recently, Alekmaul using the code provided by Foxy ported the game to the DS.
He used graphics from the Amiga version.

Not having a Wii I cannot say anything about this version.

I have tested the 2 first missions on DS. It works pretty well. The only minor issues I have found are sound-related. A few weird noises (seldom heard). The most recurrent issue is the sound of hit soldiers being high-pitched. I believe it has to do with the sound of the birds flying on the map and interfering in a sort of way.

The controls are pretty fine. You either control the cursor via the joypad (and use A as left click) or by tapping the touchscreen (moves cursor and left clickes at the same time).

There is a little deviation compared to the original, although not really importantin my eyes. The soldier panel (grenades, rockets, team splitting) is not visible most of the time. You have to press select to make it appears and it then pauses the game, which is a good decision IMO as you therefore don't need to hurry to do such actions.

I wonder if it would be possible for the Wii and DS versions to be compiled using the New Campaign maps:

I guess when I have a bit of time I'll report the sound issue to Alekmaul and ask if he thinks it is possible.

Finally, on the Cannon Fodder topic, you should remove the entry for the PSP version since it was cancelled apparently:

Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
Not especially recognisable as a classic Amiga game, but I don't mind adding Pictris related stuff as long as it's reasonably faithful. Maybe a 'best of' selection would be wise so it doesn't spiral out of control.
I'll be a bit busy with some personal stuff this month but later I will do such a list.
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