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Ah, ok. I dont often visit EAB so mustve missed that thread. If you happen to have a link I'd be interested to read it.

Although I favor BlitzBasic/Amiblitz (or C when need be) I still really enjoy AMOS. It's simply a lot of fun to use, plus I get a kick out of seeing what sorts of results can be obtained within a "limited" environment (I guess not too dissimilar to why people enjoy 4K/64K demo contests and similar).

I dont know if I'll ever get around to it, but Ive always liked the idea of trying to make a game with AMOS that goes somewhat beyond what people would expect from AMOS. Not to say AMOS is magically going to be more powerful in my hands, but there are some game styles that AMOS could do quite reasonably, especially written assuming something like an a1200 + fast ram as base spec. Something Zelda-ish, a Pinball game, an RTS, and many other games styles where a lot of quick moving graphics arent essential.

There seems to be a few people that still play around with AMOS though, I wonder if there'd be much interest in a collaberative effort between people, perhaps even using some sort of open source model so people can be as involved, or not as they like. It'd hardly set the world alight, but could be fun, and may even pleasntly surpise some people

Anyway, sorry for the little bit off topic-ness, I just started getting a bit nostalgic thinking about this stuff
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