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Originally Posted by entireweb View Post
Hi, yes I am aware that I could insert a new connector/socket and make contact with nearby points etc. I might do that. But I was thinking if a there was a solution regarding a parallel adapter or mouse connector splitter. If so then the space left by the empty joystick port might be of use for a VGA connector with a flicker fixer etc.

By burn out pins, I mean that when I removed the connector I ruined tracks around the connector, maybe my iron was too hot or my skills too weak

Any way thks for the reply.
Connectors are usually harder to desolder if you don't have alot of practice, becuase the act like heatsinks, so people tend to overheat the contacts..

Unfortunately the parallel adapter only works with games that are programmed for it, and it won't work with any game.

The mouse/joysitck splitter still expects to be pluggin into the same connector, and most games expect the mouse on port1 and the joystick on port 2.. so there really isn't a solution.

you're probably better off putting a new connector on the joystick port, and removing the RF box inside and then place the VGA connector there.
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