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but usually when I boot with the disk image the message is : "not a dos disk" or "checksum error 880".
This could mean that you have a bootblock virus active in memory. Bootblock viruses usually behave like AmigaDOS boot blocks. If a game with a custom boot block is written to disk, the virus immediately overwrites the custom boot block by itself. Now if you boot the disk, the virus is loaded instead of the custom boot block. The custom boot block would have run the game but the virus instead loads AmigaDOS and expects the disk to be in AmigaDOS format which it is not. It is in a custom format which only the custom boot block would be able to read.

Now your main task is to find an Amiga boot disk (preferably Workbench) which is not infected by the virus. If you found such, make sure its write protect switch is on and never remove it again. Then switch off the computer, wait a few seconds, switch it on again and boot from the uninfected disk. Open a DOS window and enter this command:

copy c:install ram:

Now insert one infected disk at a time and for each enter this command:

ram:install df0:

After all infected disks have been cleaned you can try to write a game with custom boot block again.
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