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Well, I finally got around to building a custom 3.9 ROM. I've been testing this with the A3640 maprom feature for stability before I burn this into my ROM's. I can confirm that the A3000 scsi.device 43.45 does not seem to work with exec.library 45.20 from BB2 in my A3000. It does however seem to work with the 44.60a OS ROMupdate and the exec.library 45.10 from 3.1. This can't be a checksum problem since Remus calculates a new checksum for the 3.9 build and maprom maps the new kickstart exactly to $F80000.

Originally, when I tried scsi.device 43.45 I got the 3.9 animated insert floppy disk screen as though scsi.device was not even present. The Remus documents mention some modules need to be "hunked" for compiling so I used extractmodule to remove scsi.device from the OS ROM update. This time I got an attempted SCSI hd boot followed by a yellow screen. The weird thing is that the 44.60a OSROM update installed flawlessly from the custom 3.9 ROM build but fails with the 3.1 ROM unless using SKIPROMUPDATES exec.library.

Yikes, I don't have enough gray hairs to pull out trying to figure this one out I think I'll play it safe with scsi.device 43.43.

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