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Originally Posted by Heavy Stylus View Post
Hi there - I can't believe that someone is trying to sell those CDs over ebay. Oh well, I pity the customers who are stupid enough to buy it!

musashi5150, we should do another one of these some time
That's unfortunate Heavy Stylus.

Another Rob Northern loaded game sounds like a good idea I'd like to see the loader used on Super Street Fighter II AGA, I know Viddi and BooBoo made it work on the CD32 but it only loads if you boot with CDTV.TM.

it is so on the limit that if you start populating the the CD with other games it refuses to load (Street Fighter Compilation out the window) as the CD32 loses vital ram due to data/directory caching etc.
I also made sure there wasn't stuff conflicting with SSFII by just booting the game clean at startup

I tried using the lowest possible values for Data Cache and Dir Cache on ISOCD and it isn't enough unfortunately. =[

The Lion King and Aladdin would be a nice addition, Disney Double Header

Also Primal Rage

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