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ok fixed :

On classic workbench they have separated by names because depending on the computer it would have been to long to get the list.
If you read the scroll on my 1 year old video, I said that I don't need 4000 games.
I want the best ones. This is why the number of my games ECS/AGA are about 200 and hasn't evolved since 1 year.
So for the Multiple screen it is the same problem : if someone wants to do a small compilation (50 games), there would be too much empty screens. This is why I choose to do this way. I think you can retrieve a game quickly and easily.
But I had the idea with multiple screens too, and to scroll them like the iPhone. Maybe I will keep the display as it is but I'll scroll horizontal, it will have a nice looking but would seems slower (like the vertical scroll)

Is it ok for long filenames ?

thanks for the bug reports

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