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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
-The cursors are supposed to be swapped, can you confirm ?
Yes, Left cursor key is now for back and should be exit. Right cursor key is for exit and should be back.

-Separate screens like my 1st version ?
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The problem is that some screen would have 3 games...I don't like too much.
Hmmm, look good, but not needed if you change concept to use like it is at this moment. I know my English is bad, but I meant sepearate screen for setup window to enter assigns paths only if you implement it maybe in future.

It's not a problem to code but I'm not going to scan the whole drive. This Launcher is for creating a fast compil, with fast navigation and without the workbench.
I have decided to assign because I thought it's the easier thing for the user. he is guided to configure the launcher...editing a file isn't that hard Everybody know how to use a Word Processor I guess
Maybe you have right. That was only suggestion to make program perfect, but if someone use for example Classic WB - like me - adding assigns is not problem than changing startup-sequence or other assign-startups from CLI under pure ED editor. So it is only small suggestion maybe for the future and make you Launcher perfect
"Games" & "Demo" aren't supposed to be removed...going to check.
Like I wrote - under WinUAE they are gone when back with right direction. And stays if you press escape. Final version I will test later when it will be reeleased on my real Amiga.
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