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Now it is fine, but I suggest you to swap keys, left cursor key like LMB for quit and right cursor key like RMB to back, because moving joy to left is for quit and moving joy to right is back. And in cursor there are swapped. And good thing is there is not unrefreshed graphics anymore. And what you think about adding separate screen (under some key like "S" and separate screen like for quit to set paths for assigns from loader and save it to some file in TinyLauncher.exe directory. Maybe you can made some nice drive and subdirectory requester like games/demos item list. But if it is a problem to code - you can resing from this suggestion. Ah, and one more thing. I suggest you to do not remove "GAMES" or "DEMOS" text from top right when back to menu by back with mouse button/cursor key/joy direction, beacause when back with ESC the category ("GAMES" or "DEMOS") text stays on screen. It is not very important, but will be look nice. So in next version please fix wrong cursor keys assing in guru message (swapped left with right) and leave "GAMES"/"DEMOS" text after back to menu with right direction cursor/mouse button/joy direction. About setup screen which allow easy sets paths by typing or by browse buttons for devices and directories requester you can think about later. But if you will implement it, I think setup screen should always back to main menu to allow user select ECS/AGA category once again and get realoaded item list with directories from selected path. That's my idea, but I do not know it is possible to easy code in your GUI with AMOS (which you probable used because you included amos.library before in early versions).

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