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@olesio IMO you haven't tested the new beta :P

1/ it has been added (even if I keep the mouse activated, because when you have an error you're about ton correct it right?) but the joystick is supported. just try!
2/ As I said earlier, you won't see the guru screen often as I have added another routine. you should not have to rename anymore
3/yes it runs pretty fast in my CD32/SX1. if you keep an eye at the HDD led, it's not the scan that is slow but also the CPU to store the datas.
A 68020 is faster than a 68000, my CD32 takes 3 seconds to seek&store 165 games. I don't think that Tiny Launcher works like the other launchers.
4/ A CDTV should be really fast too, but you can't run whdload with only 1MB of chip ram.
Even if the CDROM drive is X1 I think it can compete with the A600 Stock Compact flash speed.(I mean,I think, it's going to be slower by 3 seconds than the A600).
5/A CD32 used with CDROM is also going to be really fast.
I'm going to make a compile on CD soon to show it.

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