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Announcing Project Kickstart

I'm putting together a "virtual PD CD" aimed at Amiga newcomers and anyone else who wants a ready-made collection of high-quality Amiga freeware, shareware and open source software. Ideally, it will "ship" as both a zipped directory for direct use as a WinUAE hard drive and as an ISO for those who might want to burn it for use with a real Amiga.

Anyway, as I work on this, I'll want some help and suggestions from the community. At the moment, I've pretty nailed down the "basics" that I want to include (MUI, ClassAct, Picasso96, xad/xpk/xfd, LhA, SnoopDOS, NewIcons, Installer) and I've also decided on a few other things (SView5 and LoView for image viewing, ChaosPro for fractals, TVPaint for RTG-based painting, MUIbase for database management, the AK datatypes for file viewing, ProTracker 3.15 and OctaMED SS for music creation) but now I'm needing to put the rest together. Any recommendations for other freely-distributable software to include would be very welcome. I'm especially interested in recommendations for a good chipset-only paint program (for those looking to use this on a real system without a graphics card) and for a good multi-format module player for those who just want to listen to tunes. Also, once I've gotten the thing ready and mastered, I'll need people to test it on real hardware and stuff.
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