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After fooling around for awhile I have several feature requests and bug reports. These are tested on A600 with A604 and 4Gb CF-HD. I don't have aca60 yet, so I'm limited to 68k and FFS...
  1. Is it possible to implement a search, like Ultimate 1541 has? Nothing fancy, just when user starts to type the game the list goes to the first hit with those letters? (for example if I type "LE" the list will highlight "LEDstorm")
  2. Back button (ESC or backspace) works only in first item? I think it would be nice to go back wherever the user are at the moment
  3. Back button from Demos takes user back to Games -menu
  4. Demos -menu has text "xx GAMES" :-P
  5. Games -menu will remain in memory when going Demos -menu: when I have been looking at the games and then I go to the demo menu which have only four items, the list are full. Four first items are real items and selectable, rest items are just ghosts from game menu and cannot be selected.
  6. I do have 380 games in my list (I know, not every one works on my a600), the building of the menu takes almost 30 seconds. There could be "Loading..." text (or animation or something). It would be great and speed up the launcher a lot if the menu could be build beforehand (or first time or something). Also for cd32 the menu remains the same and there are no need to seek the directories every time...?
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