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Originally posted by Korodny
I doubt that. And even if Apple would do this, the resulting computers would be damn expensive.
Oh really? I don't agree

(A post from ann

GBP1,399 for the 800MHz G4 "power" system.
AmigaOne-XE (7451 G4 cpu @800MHz)
CDRewriter drive
512MB memory
CPU Cooler
Floppy Drive
Soundblaster Live sound card
ATI Radeon 8500 graphics card
PS/2 multimedia keyboard
Optical, RF wireless, rechargeable mouse
7-bay Midi ATX tower
SuSE Linux PPC Distribution inc manuals
LinuxPPC & UAE preinstalled
OS4-enabled BIOS (& OS4 license with Earlybird systems ordered and paid for before 31 December 2002)
Onboard ethernet and USB
Assembled, tested and burnt-in

Or, for GBP50 LESS, you can buy an Apple G4 Mac with DUAL 867MHz G4s -
Dual 867MHz PowerPC G4
256K L2 cache
& 1MB L3 cache/processor
133Mhz System Bus
60GB Ultra ATA drive
DVD/CD-RW drive
56K internal modem
(plus, of course, onboard USB and FiewWire plus keyboard and mouse)

Personally i prefer the mac config for the money!

Oh and there will never be AmigaOS4 for a mac so long as Amiga INC/eyetech have their ridiculous hardware licensing rules.

I think AmigaONE basically sucks. Its nothing special. Might as well buy a cheap fast x86 motherboard. The amiga to me is much more than the OS. Maybe they should have made a x86 version of the OS. Probably would sell more copies then.

I think ill stick with my a4000 and laptop.

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