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Quit option will be good solution. But if You can try to incrase limit from 25 do maybe 50 chars for filename. If it is possible. Also add switching to directory, so when we have .tl script
set CurrentDir `cd`
cd $CurrentDir
it can work. It is universal when we copy data to WinUAE or other Amiga with different directory structure. Also may be possible is editing TLG... and TLD... assigns in some option screen and remember in some config fille in tinylauncher.exe or SYS:S like config_tl or something and always loaded when launcher starts. It may be little big useful than editing Classic WB Assign-Startup or startup-sequence files.
Btw my in KingPin directory looks like this:
set CurrentDir DH1:GRY/!ECS/KINGPIN
cd $CurrentDir
execute kingpin
and kingpin file looks like this because game should run in clear config until ECS original is not available with WHDLoad slave:
mount >NIL: RD: from RADtemp
set CurrentDir `cd`
makedir >NIL: RD:S RD:Devs
copy Devs:system-configuration RD:Devs
cd C:
set WBC `cd`
echo >RD:S/startup-sequence "path *"$WBC*"*Nassign ENV: RAM:*Nassign T: RAM:*Ncopy Startup2 ram:*Nexecute ram:Startup2"
echo >RD:Startup2 "CD *"$CurrentDir*"*NRemRad RD: force*Nexecute ProgStart*Nreboot"
And I'm sure I was in Shoonay's garden. We got alco drink+play Amiga party there Shoonay may confirm that. The famous garden chair was broken by me, the reason was not only my little bit too heavy weight but also soft ground and chair collapsing at this gound, probably because these are areas of mining or ground was damaged by mutanted cat-o-moles It is possible because Shoonay favorite animal is cat. And it's a reason why He through genetic experiments crossed them with moles So this "zlot" is a fact. I do not know how to translate "zlot" because "party" may be used with other wors like birthday party and google translate "zlot" as "rally". So it was really "AmigaAndDrinking RallyChairpionship"
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