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Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
I think that to try to keep pace with the PC market would be a mistake
I totally agree with that statement..

Especially with phones and tablets getting the power to handle Internet (browsing, video, audio, e-mail, IM, FriendFace, etc) apps...

I find I use my main "computer" less and less all the time...
Instead of long browsing sessions, I check a few things during the day here and there. So my "computer" time has been freed up, and I generally now spend that on my Amiga and other retro boxes..

Now, I'm not opposed to a newer box that does "all your retro" stuff... Not sure if it's what I'm looking for, but I'm OK with it...
I do like "souped up" retro boxes to a point. But I don't need my retro boxes to be my main computer.

Get on the Internet? Yes...
Be CSS and HTML5 compliant? Not required. I have devices for that..
(Not that I'd turn it down, but I wouldn't pay extra for it..)

Have a faster CPU? Yes...
Run a quad core multi-Ghz system? No.. As long as it runs what it's doing happily, I don't care if it's not as fast as todays main machines..

Be distributed by someone who in some way lays claim to the Amiga name? (Isn't that everyone nowadays?).. Naw, not important; and is probably a negative nowadays...

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