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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
I got this version: and renamed directory, slave file and info file to: !SensibleWOS9697, !SensibleWOS9697.Slave, ! and still the same effect under WinUAE. I did not test at real Amiga 1200 yet. Can you check under WinUAE. Or send me packed version of SWOS files. Because I test your launcher under real Amiga when everything will be ok under emulator. Maybe it is some incompatibility with emulator.
Ok, I'll use "ESC" or "Q" to QUIT.
Cool, I think this will be much handy.
EDIT: only way to run WHDLoad version of swos is make ! file which contain:
set CurrentDir DH2:!ECS/!_SWOS_WHD
cd $CurrentDir
WHDLoad slave=!_SWOS_WHD.slave PRELOAD
And sometimes when is sgort than 25 chars I must rename it. Is this limit it for whole path also? I'm asking becasue DH1:GRY/!ECS/WacusTheDetectivePl/WacusTheDetectivePl.Slave works fine under my real Amiga, but DH1:GRY/!ECS/Kingpin/ do not work I must rename to

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