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@olesio: LOL!
Well, I managed to fix the mouse switching problem, by...fixing my mouse/joy switcher
But still, sometimes there's not enough free space on the table for the mouse...

@gibs: that is a really cool piece of software. I haven't had enough time to check it, but some older (1.0) version rests on my Amy's hd I downloaded some time ago... will see...

I would have a suggestion. As I saw the trick is to assign folders to the one your util needs. That's pretty straightforward.
I've got a separate partition for WHDLoad games and WHDLoad demos, both filled with 0_9 (or 0-9? ), A, B, C, D... ... ... folders and those folders filled with games.
Would it be perhaps possible, that users who have separate folders like that would only have to assign the main partition (WHDLoadGames: and WHDLoadDemos: in my example) so that your util will assume there are numeric/alphabetic folders inside, and inside those folders are games/demos?
Now I need to assign multiple folders which is a bit pain, not that much with copy and paste but you know

EDIT: Of course this would also work for people who have the Games/Demos folder inside a partition, SYS for example, and separate alphabetic folders inside that (like I think most of us has and with so many games/demos it is the one and only solution ).
You would only assign SYS:Games / SYSemos and the util would assume there are 0_9 (0-9), A, B, C, D... folders inside with games / demos.

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