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I got CCCP running on '060 by starting it like this:

killaga CCCP.EXE

Actually, now I recall this is method that works for most older demos.
Strange tho, it won't run without 'killaga'. I thought this was supposed to be aga demo.
What I have learned of 'killaga', it is usually safe to run even on AGA demos. Somehow AGA demos will still work.

I gave up trying to find out where my 256k'ish of chipmem disappears on turboless no s-s boot. This could be SFS related problem, but I remember from past that this was issue I could never solve. Harddrives/CF cards take up some memory anyway on boot.
Perhaps this would be good time to start working with custom KS. I read all the forums regarding subject.
One question raises in my head, I wonder if there's tool that would tell what tasks use/reserve this ocuupied memory space? Just XOpa?
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