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Thanks for updated version, but please analyze why SWOS still cannot be run even if I named slave file SWOS.slave. Because I did not know name longer than 25 chars cause any GURU error under FIFAInternationalSoccer I got it, but in SWOS I only see gray screen. And what strange NONWhdload version from runme.TL works. Maybe you can do something with that 25 chars limit, maybe can it be set to some more chars. Anyway look at video: I made it fast in FRAPS and recompressed to poor quality to get smallest size as possible. Tested under 1.2 version. And also ! file work. I thinking about .tl and typed .il - sorry So NonWHD version works fine, WHDLoad won't run - I do not know why ;/ And how about error reporting on screen and usage of set Something `cd` - commands in *.tl scripts. Btw, about quit combination I suggest you to make separate screen after games/demos to quit or some combo with fire. Why not mouse? Because sometime group of crazy people travel acros Poland to Kaczyce and meet at Shoonay garden on Party, drink beer/voodka and play on Shoonay's Amiga 1200 in classic Amiga games. And Shoonay connect two joysticks and no mouse. And sometimes replacing joys with mouse may caused damage or make much used connecting ports, so Your launcher will be perfect if it can be use in 100% without mouse That's my suggestion. Greetings to Shoonay. Holiday party was great. I Olesio called "The famuys Shoonay'sGardenChairBreaker" said that I paste link to this thrad to Him. Maybe He will find some other bugs or have some suggestion when He test it under WinUAE or his real Amiga 1200

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