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1/ ok
2/ why not
3/ be careful it's .tl not .il (btw I'm going to check)
I could create a "save" directory but I don't want to be responsable if something bad happen in your drive, so the app won't write in your drive. But in the nect update I will add the function that if the "save" directory is there it will be used as save directory.
4/ going to check that.
5/ left mouse click
6/ 1.2 is out or 0.1.2

Thank you for your report.

Edit : Sensible World Of soccer 96/97 doesn't run because as I have explained in the doc the extension should be .slave and in the case of sensible (and a fex other games that have long names, it's .slav)

Before I read your message I have prepared a video of "how to fix a game that doesn't want to launch:

[ Show youtube player ] (this is the same problem than sensible)

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