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@gibs: very nice work. First good loader working without required of default separate dirs with games and demos by letters and without unused screens and with nice joystick support. But I have few bugs and suggestions. Because I did not find separate bug repport topic I post it here. First, but probable unposssible to change. You should start numering your proggy version from 0.1 to up. Because version 1.0 or 1.1 sounds like full tested application with many features. Anyway let it be 1.2 next So before I changing my AddGames scripts and other settings under Classic WB and Real Amiga. I tested your util under WinUAE 2.3.2 with four harddisks mounted as directiores. WinUAE emulate my real Amiga 1200 with kick 3.1 and 4 MB Fast memory extension. 2: You need some nice icon. Maybe someone make one. Not all people will launch your util from s-s. 3: you need add some error checking and display, because I cannot run WHDLoad Sensible World of Soccer 96/97. From CLI or icon it works I renamed directory and icon file and slave to !_SWOS_WHDLoad and after run from your launcher I see gray screen and I can press Escape. I tried set SplahScreen to 0. But nothing help. Other tested WHDLoad games works fine. Launcher should show some green text on black background some error message or maybe write log file in launcher directory when some errors occours. 3: You wrote in help about running non WHDLoad games. Otherwise non whdload version named in dir !_SWOS_NonWHDLoad (I add "!_" prefix because SWOS series are my favorite games and I want it first on list ) run only when I named file if I named ! it does not detected. And following file do not work:
set CurrentDir `cd`
cd $CurrentDir
ssboot swos
Only below works fine. I sometime use Non WHDLoad version of SWOS because it can save files to floppy which is useful on offline cups when sometimes power may shut down and WHDLoad memory save will be lost.
set CurrentDir DH2:ECS/!_SWOS_NonWHDLoad
cd $CurrentDir
ssboot swos
Adding relative patch is not good. Data can be copied to some other dir. Maybe You can allow launcher to switch directory to executed subdir like GameName? 4. You should add "No *.info files found" error. Because when no *info files found launcher launch first game on alphabetical list. And sometimes some newbies may do not have DirOpus or other program which alow create *.info files for dirs if they missed. Maybe in future version Your launcher can do that if it is possible in AMOS? And redownloading archives will be not needed. 5: Is any quit option if I want change something and restart launcher witout restarting Amiga/WinUAE? And maybe after exit from game instead of gray screen some other can be show with quoestion "Back to launcher Yes/No?" and "Yes" or "No" can be selected by left/right direction of joystick. 6. Sometimes when fast pressing ECS games or AGA only one game on list are shown and it automaticly run. I can not reproduce this error everytime. Maybe it is WinUAE fault and reading dirs as hard disks instead of hdfs. Sorry for long post and my bad english. I hope 1.2 version will be better - good luck developing. At this moment: good work Let's help you make this proggy really perfect

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