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In fact I've bought an 4gb cd from ebay, which are sorted this way. Now I have sorted it my way and I'm starting to test which of those will run on stock cdtv and cd32 with uae... (Long test run ahead...:-P Thanks for the 2 floppy-rule to help with the testing...) After that I will try to burn first cd to run it on a proper machine.

Right now I have setup my test a600 to start TinyLauncher when left mouse button is pressed during boot. Otherwise it starts 2.05 wb.

I won't consider myself a hardcore gamer, because I'm still quite novice at the Amiga-scene... I've been a c64-gamer till I bought (and repaired) my cdtv couple of years ago. My gf has been quite understanding as her father collects old tractors and cars... :-D
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