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5 days. Lets say 2 more to evaluate the tests. A few days for processing and manufacturing... Ok, so release Monday, the 10'th?

Thank you for dropping by on request and telling us how far along things are. A month or more to wait yet, at least. Have you looked around to see what numbers your going to make this thing in? I'm sort of thinking along the lines "how fast do you need to be to grab one of these" seeing as i managed to get a hold of one of the very last ACA1230/56, and i did that what, about 3 months after release?
(Well, now someone will show up and tell me there is a 56MH ACA1230 still waiting for a buyer somewhere, but i bought mine the 21 of march, and had trouble finding one at that point.)

I wish you luck with finalizing projects, and getting production-runs out of the bakery smoothly ;- )
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