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Atila & Ocean,

Thank you for the report.
I'm going to explain what's happening. This is not a bug, and the computer doesn't crash

You need to put your whdload games directory on the 1st level you have assigned. This is the best way to get speed. Tiny Launcher doesn't scan deeper.

Example: if you create a directory in TLGECS: with your name, your name will be displayed in the list. But if there is no .slave or .tl under this directory you'll get a black screen.

I had no time to code what happen yet if the file hasn't been found, but the reason is that the launcher hasn't found anything to execute.

In the next release, instead of the black screen, you'll have a message that will tell you that the file expected is not present.

Don't worry about this.

You don't have to separate your games anymore because you're not in the workbench anymore and the scan is faster.

Just extract your whdload under TLGECS: TLGAGA: TLDECS: or TLDAGA:

PS: scan is also fast (2-3 sec) on a stock Amiga 600 (No Fast Memory, No accelerator) and games like Shadow of the beast, pacmania, xenon...are working fine : [ Show youtube player ]

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