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That's a good idea. I was about to implement that in the next release for people that wanted to mix both ECS & AGA.

But I wanted to add the possibility to return to the "Space Invader" from the "Games Menu" to go in the "Demo Menu" without rebooting.

So I think about the best way to do all that.

For the non-whdload games, I add an AmigaDOS script file called "" in the directory of the game for example.

-At the beginning of the startup-sequence you can Assign your directories followed by TinyLauncher.exe.
So you will boot automatically on Tiny Launcher at each starts and you will leave and boot the Workbench by Clicking the mouse on Tiny Launcher.

-If you don't want to do that, there's a program called "1touchMac" that allow to boot different startup-sequence(s) if you hold a mouse button at the boot.

Edit: I thought all the day about how to jump in a specific list without adding another selection.

There are 4 folders "Assigned": "TLGECS,TLGAGA,TLDECS,TLDAGA"

If some of you prefer to jump directly in a list, you'll have to create a file. Example:

If you want to Jump in TLGECS, you'll have to create a file named "TLGECS" in /S directory.

If you want to jump directly to the "Demo Menu" you'll have to create S:TLDEMOS

For those who wants to have mixed ECS/AGA games you'll have to put all your files in (example) TLGECS and create S:TLGECS

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