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Tiny Launcher 2.1 Released

Hi dudes !

Here is the Tiny Launcher (2.1) :

I have created this thread for bug reporting and support.

The Poll :

Some videos:
*NEW Tutorial* : [ Show youtube player ] (CC English/French/Italian)
1.8.5 in Action! : [ Show youtube player ]
CDTV : [ Show youtube player ]
Amiga 600 : [ Show youtube player ]
Amiga 500 [1MB/Kickstart 3.1] : [ Show youtube player ]
MorphOS [EUAE] : [ Show youtube player ]
Minimig [1MB/Kickstart 3.1] : [ Show youtube player ]

[b]Some infos[/b]:
-"B" to switch the scripts from HD to CD. If you plan to do a CD Compilation, switch to 'Boot: CD'. (Check Infodesk for its status).
-Sysconfig will accept 'CD0:Directory' if 'DH0:Directory' exist
-"P" to switch from "320x200" to "320x256" for full screen on PAL computers.
-"1","2","3","4","5" To "Jump" directly to the wanted screen at launch.
-"F5" on the bouncing screen avoid the "Jump" function.
-"ESC" to avoid the bouncing animation.
-"R" to force the RAD. (Check Infodesk for its status).
-"C" to call the Sysconfig screen.
-"I" to call the info-desk.
-"M" to switch between Music and Sounds.
-"+" and "-" to increase/decrease the speed.
-Press [F1] to generate a database for the category of your choice. The database is located in S:TinyLauncher, If you don't want it anymore, just delete the files.
-Launch ".exe" named executables files (usefull for demos).
-To go back to the "Space Invader" screen from a list and with the joystick : At the 1st item in the list, hold "up"+"fire"
-Keyboard is also supported. Use the arrows to navigate, enter to select, (ESC or BACKSPACE) to go back, H for help.


Tested on:
-Amiga 600 2MB (A603 extension) : ok.
-Amiga 600 1MB Kickstart 2 : Look at Tiny Launcher SE at the bottom.
-Amiga 600 + Aca630 : ok
-Amiga 1200 + Blizzard 1260 : ok
-CD32+SX1 : ok
-Amiga 500 : ok (No Whdload because not enough RAM)
-OSX (EUAE WIP4): ok
-Morphos (EUAE WIP4) : ok

Some numbers:
-on a stock CD32 (2MB, NOFAST RAM, And BOOT CD).
Time to boot (include indivision AGA init) : 15 sec
Time to scan 177 games : 3 sec
Time to scan 272 demos : 6 sec

Since the 1.8 version
Tiny Launcher is provided as a stand-alone executable. Just copy it where you want on your HD.


Tiny Launcher can run many whdload games with 1MB Chip Ram Amiga Computer (Example Amiga 600). Your Partition (not your drive) must be named "DH0" and you need a Kickstart 3.X [because Kickstart < 3.X doesn't support the RAD].

Here a short list of Whdload games you can expect to work on a 1MB Amiga 600:

Agony, Apidya, Airball, Arkanoid, Arkanoid 2, Batman Movie, Battle Squadron, Blood Money, Bomb Jack, Cadaver, Chuck Rock, Commando, Chrystal Hammer, Dyna Blaster, Elf, Galaga92, Giana Sisters, IK+, Ikari Warriors, Kikstart 2, Lotus1, Menace, Nebulus, New Zealand Story, Nitro, Operation Wolf, Overlander, Pacmania, Paradroid 90, Parasol Stars,Tetris Pro, Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous 2, Rod Land, Beast, Beast 2, Silkworm, Spy Vs Spy I,II & III, Stunt Car Racer, Super Cars 2, Treasure Island Dizzy, Turican I,Turrican II, Turican III, Virus, Wrath of the demon, Xenon, Xenon II...

But there are 640 games that require less than 1MB... Check the list.

Tito did a great database to filter RAM requirement for whdload games :
Click on the black "buttons" to filter.

If you want to run those games with the KICKSTART 2, you can try TinyLauncherSE:
(Put it at the beginning of the startup-sequence).

How to create a CD Compil for your CD32/CDTV:

I have created a preconfigured package :

Unzip it and:
Copy your kickstart files in Devs/Kickstarts/
Copy your whdload key in S/
Copy your games & demos in TLDATAS/ in the appropriate directories.

Boot it with WinUAE!
Under TinyLauncher:
Update the database with F1 (for each directories you have modified the content)
Test it under WinUAE.
Turn TinyLauncher "Boot:CD" by pressing 'B' (Check the infodesk for its status).

Once it's ok, you can remove the Setpatch line in S/Startup-sequence
Also remove the files under Libs/

You need to use the Amiga 68k software "ISOCD" to create your iso image, and inject the CD32.TM or CDTV.TM file.

Once you have created your iso, you can use the Software of your choice on your PC to burn your CD.


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