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Originally Posted by spiff View Post
Gravity power - 2p Vs racing
IK+ - 2p Vs Roundhouse kick
Stunt car racer - nullmodem cable goodness
Bomberman - (NTSC) 4p Vs adapter suuper goodness
Scored earth - 2p vs Angry birds 25 years ago
Supercars 2 - Homing missile.. shame about the limited scrolling area.
Pinball Dreams - Almost like going to the arcade at home

Fun for single player
Pinball dreams
Lemmings (2p was too easy to just sabotage)
F29 Retaliator
Eye of the beholder

*Edit Yay post 600!*
ah F29 Retaliator I remember taking the manual to the local library and photo coping it lol took for ever,me and a mate we bought the game between us.

And falcon was great also plus bomber something or the other can not remember the name was good.
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