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Originally posted by Syko
This poll is unfair to all the h/w hoarders!

A500 in original box w/ all manuals, WB1.3 disks, mouse, modulator, PSU and 512KB in trapdoor, soon to get ATonce Vortex+ ;smug mode engaged...

A500+ w/ WB 2.04, +1MB in trapdoor, with GVP HD series II 52MB Seagate & 8MB FASTRAM, SCSI CDROM, 120MB and 80MB HD's on the SCSI chain; Audio Imager sampler, Citizen Swift 9 printer with colour option.

A4000 w/ 040/40 Cyberstorm MkII, 2MB CHIP 64MB FAST, Supra modem, Microvitec PAL monitor, hacked pair of PC speakers, Epson Stylus 200 inkjet (w/ colour potion) and when I workout how to use it.. a MM5000 5 octave kbd for OctaMED SoundStudio.

WinUAE and Cloanto Amiga FE on the PC's

And I still need more miggy h/w....
I know that feeling .... always need to collect more amiga h/w!!.. Arrrg ..

Nazg├╗l: you do what to your 500s!! Thats cruelty to amigas .. anyway .. I'm sorry but I think the 500 is the real deal, 1000 leans more to the big box side and the retro lacks in that line...
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