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Well I blame my parents for moving house a few years back, my old a500 came out of the loft and just about fired up before deciding to die.

This then got my thinking i had always wanted a a1200 back in the day so off to ebay i went and snagged one. Did the CF Card HDD thingy and thought I would be happy, I was wrong. So decided to get a a500 as well as to avoid to having to do all the dicking about to get stuff to get compatability, was made up though that I managed to get myself the same model I had back in the day of an ecs ks1.3 amiga .

Next problem was RAM as I wanted whload to run properly so then nabbed a 8meg card off ebay and had nothing but problems with it, turned out the simm in it was faulty but just as I got it working Jens announced the ACA1230 and it was coming up to Christmas with the gf saying what the hell do i buy you. So that sorted that.

Also along the way i picked another a1200 for nothing that fitzsteve spotted on ebay was is mint condition no yellowing, so that has now got the ACA1230, KS3.1 and a 4GB CF Card and I pretty happy with it. Also nabbed an a600 on ebay for £6 which turned out to be far from in good working order, faulty drive and kb. Fixed the KB from some parts from an old A500 and shoved a SD Card HDD in it and a 2MB SRAM card disk drive is still faulty though.

Also have a a2000 that needs quite a lot of TLC when I actually find the time.
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