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Originally Posted by Turrican2FTW View Post
Hi, just wondering, at what point for you guys/girls does re-living the retro dream become an expense thats difficult to justify?
So my desire for retro hardware that started at £32 has now set me back £325

So at what point does it go from 'i will buy this' to 'i can't justify buying this'
I'll put it in perspective for you.

Let me take retro vs modern computing as example.

Firstly, because there are tons of nutters like you out there, your money is invested and not spent. If you decide to sell, you could either only loose a little, cover your costs or even exit with a profit. A retro machine doesn't loose half its value just when the sticker have come off.

Secondly, If you spent that much on a new gadget like a tablet (which is what they cost) - in a year or couple of years you'll probably want to upgrade your tablet but the a1200 is still as good for what its intended purpose is. The tablets value however would have greatly declined.
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