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Originally Posted by amiga_user View Post
Which Amiga games were the most fun to play ?
Let's make a Top 20 list.
For me it must be Arkanoid; I'm an Arkanoid junkie
I'm pretty sure everyone's top 20 is so vastly different you cannot really distill a "most common" list from it.

But what the heck. Turrican 2, Monkey Island, Dungeon Master, Captive, Chaos Engine, Utopia, Switchblade 2 and Dune 2 were among some of the games I replayed many times. Trying new strategies, finding more secrets or just getting to that next base.

Dune 2 deserves special notice; because of the excessive disk swapping it also rates among one of my most hated games (on the Amiga) But the game was so cool I just didn't care about it. Alas, I didn't have the joy of an internal harddrive until I got a PC, at which point I played Dune 2 a million times more.
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