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Retro gaming vs expense

Hi, just wondering, at what point for you guys/girls does re-living the retro dream become an expense thats difficult to justify?

EG: i recently aquired a Commodore branded A1200 for £32 which is a very good price.

The case was immaculate after a wash but the keyboard was a bit yellowed so i have oredered a new one from Amigakit.

My expenses for this A1200 currently are as follows.

A1200 £32
External floppy drive £12
New mouse £10
A500 heavy psu £12
Joypad £7
IDE Adapter + 4gb CF £15
RGB to scart £13
New keyboard £23
3.1 Roms £18
400 Floppys £8
PCMCIA transfer kit £17
1gb CF for transfer kit £8
ACA 1230 42/64 (in a couple of weeks £140 ish including delivery)

So my desire for retro hardware that started at £32 has now set me back £325

So at what point does it go from 'i will buy this' to 'i can't justify buying this'
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