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You don't need lo load the workbench at all.

You'll just have to assign the directories of your ECS & AGA games in your startup sequence. Ex:

Assign TLECS: Drive:Your_ECS_Directory
Assign TLAGA: Drive:Your_AGA_Directory

If your startup-sequence only got those 3 lines, your amiga, your xbox..etc will automaticaly boot Tiny Launcher.

You can launch Tiny Launcher from where you want.

Ah... and the idea of the 'Space Invader welcome screen' is not only for separate the ECS and AGA games... It's here to allow you to combine your stick buttons. Example: If you hold the Joystick Down+Fire in this screen, it will bring you to the Demo section (of course with another Space Invader character, so you won't be confused)

I'm going to try to sample my "Konix Navigator joystick" noise to use in the navigation screen.

Some Screens:

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