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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Craig ain't going to back out of this, if he thinks there is money to be made. EvilDragon (Michael Mrozek) is stuck with him, so to speak. And poor MWeston, (Michael, his name to) have pretty much been stuck with the hardware issues. Not sure if MWeston likes the idea of starting over.
I unfortunately think you're right - the best thing that could happen to the Pandora is if he backs out completely. He's simultaneously the best and worst thing about this whole deal - best because he got it off the ground, and worst because he's a tit.

MWeston just wanted to get one of his handheld designs off the drawing board and into full production, which he has succeeded with admirably. His previous handheld was handmade, though very impressive being twice the power of the GP2X almost before the 2X came out.

Hope ED gets things moving now, and we can put this sorry episode behind us.

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