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Actually, the reference to the phone was to show that the hardware is dated, not that it is a competitive device that does the same thing. And yes. The reason emulators give you a better experience on the Panda even as it has dated hardware, is the same as why the Amiga gives you a reasonable gaming experience where as the same era PC's lag behind, or if you rather like, the same reason as why gaming consoles of today give a sub par performance seen compared to what the hardware "could" do if properly optimized software was running. Open and well documented hardware with a reasonably good devkit, with a unrestricted software suit on it, vs locked down hardware, with a locked down software suit... Heck, the Panda was built with the homebrew crews in mind, the phones aren't. I pointed this out as well, so i don't quite understand why it's made an argument...

If the Panda is "this" fast on dated hardware, what would it have been if it had used up to date hardware? I'm guessing we will find out, in 2-5 years... Again, to late, so to speak.
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