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Ok, to answer some questions. First of all, the default mode it runs in, which is Pentagon/ATM Turbo 2+, it is compatible with most but not all Speccy software. If you load the Scorpion core, it then becomes compatible with just about all original speccy software, as the Scorpion had great compatibility and the core makes it 100% scorpion compatible. When it comes to the comment about original speccy software compatibility being more important then compatibility with "obscure russian variants," that's not necessarily true. There is tonnes and tonnes of software out there that has been modified or written from scratch to take advantage of this advanced hardware. These machines were some of the most popular micros in eastern europe for a long time. The russian coders hacked or wrote tonnes of programs, in ways totally unseen in the west. There are many games hacked or written to take advantage of 16BPP colour. Here are 2 screenshots I quickly grabbed off the ATM Turbo website. Keep in mind there are many more games then these, these are just 2 of the games listed on the site. This site has many more, and there are MANY more not listed on this site.

Many of these games and programs are in english, there is another visual novel game very similar to the one in the first screenshot that is in english that shows off the capabilities of these computers very well. It's called Seasons of the Sakura and is available on the ATM turbo website. As for the price this is the cost that I am paying for my board, there is no markup whatsoever, and for an FPGA based computer is that really a high price? Compared with something like the C1 or the One Chip MSX it's almost nothing. I don't mind if no one is interested, but I just think it's unfair to say that 130 US Dollars is "grossly overpriced" considering that it's brand new hardware, with revision C just being designed this year, and that it is a fully reconfigurable FPGA based board. Am I wrong? Also I would like to clear up a typo in the specs. The specs say it is a MiniATX board, but that was the last revision, the new revision is actually MicroITX. If anyone wants to experiment with the computers this board can run as, I have attached an emulator and the appropriate bios files. A note to mods and admins, these bios files are legal to distribute in this way, so don't worry. Please note this emulator doesn't emulate the actual ZX Evolution, just the computers it can run as, and even then not at full speed or with perfect compatibility, it's just for you to get an idea. There are two versions of the emulator, one for old processors without SSE, and one for new processors that support SSE. I am 99.9% sure that no one will need the NoSSE version, but I included it just to be safe. The emulator is all hotkey driven, there are no dropdown menus. Push F1 for a list of hotkeys, and to start out, push Alt+F1 to open the config box. Once I receive my board, I will take photos and do software compatibility tests for anyone who is interested.
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