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Yes, it is getting long in the tooth. But then I play on my NDS with its 33MHz CPU, or my PSP with its 333MHz CPU and lame GPU and the Pandora doesn't suddenly feel quite so bad.

The upcoming PS Vita might be worth a look if we're able to run whatever we like on it, but that's not a Clamshell design so is unappealing to me at present. I'm not well up on phones, and have only really compared the Pandora to an iPhone 4 - and the Pandora wins that hands down for speed in like-for-like emulation. I'd like to test against some Android emulators. I always assumed that the twin analog was implemented because the community bitched about it so much It certainly doesn't get used very much (apart from Super Geometry Dust, of course).

And you're absolutely right about Craig's "premium" order system, which was a f*cking disgrace.

I realise that I'm probably starting to sound like a bit of a fanboy here, but I cannot enthuse enough about this handheld. I own a fair few from the GP32 up to the latest PSP and NDSi (not got 3DS yet) and the Pandora soundly spanks every single one of them. The fact that it's a full linux PC to boot is just the icing on the cake, and the hardware although dated is more than fast enough for anything you care to try doing with it.

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