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A lot of fuzz, over very little. I was at the GP32x site when the developers started talking about features, what to include, what to not include and so on. I was very much "on" until they decided to make it a clamshell. It pretty much all came down to the hinge, there was talk of sliding boards, twist and turn hinges, and everything, to try and make it a bit more table top like, but it was sort of a losing battle, a clamshell was the way it turned out in the end. It's not the most touch control friendly design, if i say so, even if it has the nice feature that it protects the screen from scratches.

The concept over all is still a great one, but, it took to darn long. Sadly. At the point when shipping started it was already outclassed by mobile phones in memory & CPU power, and when all the "first batcher" orders are delivered, it's going to be a obsolete unit.
I understand that the developers need to turn a back, to keep working on a new design, but the fact that they started selling higher priced, identical units, with the exception "faster delivery" sort of taints their honesty in my mind. It just ain't "OK".
And why they put two analog pads on it i never could figure out. Everyone only ever use the left one. The argument was made that it was for Playstation compatibility, but then, where is the stick click then?
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