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Netsurf 2.8 released for OS4

OS4 users can get it from here:

Netsurf in action:

[ Show youtube player ]


For Amiga OS 3.X users this is interesting because:

Netsurf work with ARM 6 cpus wich are equalent to 030 and requires 16mb ram

There is already SDL frontend for netsurf, so all depencies has alredy ported. SDL version of Netsurf has made for developer and debuggin purposes only originally.

OS 4 version has made keeping mind that sombody might want to make OS 3 / 68k version of it. Some OS 3 compatibility stuff has already build in.

TODO list:

Some chit chat about Netsurf and OS 3

Netsurf is currently only possible semi modern web browser, wich would work with REAL 68k amigas.
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