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Although I think this is good news because of the "brand unification" (I've blogged about this Amiga branding issue in the past ), and although the boards themselves are really good and appeal to a certain different target (with I2C and GPIO), I still think the price is prohibitive for most Amigans of old (or any other market, for that matter). I know they are probably the only ones designing and manufactoring a complete computer/motherboard in Europe (and this must be lauded and supported), and I will inevitably end up buying an AmigaOne 500, but with the panoply of cheap motherboards arriving of late it's kind of complicated to justify the purchase.

Just take a look at the kinds of interesting boards that have been released lately (or will be soon). Just as an example, take the ARM-based Genesi Smarttop (150 Euro) or even the RaspberryPi (35 USD). They are all using Linux, but hardware like this running AmigaOS4 would be amazing, and at these prices, I doubt any of you would resist. I wouldn't be the most powerfull machine on Earth, far from it, but the Amiga rarely was about raw power; efficiency, elegance, intuitivity, was always our creed.

Heck, with propper support, the AmigaOS could become a serious contender on the embedded/integrators/industrial market, wich seems to be part of the target of ACube anyway (I2C and GPIO integrated). Or even on the electronics/software hobby market, where the Arduino has implanted itself so well. Another cool market we could target is the education market, as the RasPi is doing, putting the Amiga in the hands of kids (again), this time in the schools. Having the programmable microcontroller onboard (Lattice or XMOS) would be an enormous plus in all of these markets.

I know I've said all this before... oh well... it seems so obvious to me... a lost opportunity, really. Maybe when AROS is running on the ARM architecture, this goal could be persued with it...

Am I the only one thinking this?

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