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Gauging interest: ZX Evolution

Hi guys,

I am in the process of ordering a ZX Evolution (aka ZX Evo, PentEvo, PentEva) from the manufacturers in Russia. The ZX Evolution, for those unfamiliar, is the greatest Spectrum clone of all time. In the USSR, and later the Russian Federation, the spectrum was very popular. The Russian speccys are VERY different from what we know in the west though. They have numerous enhancements, including much better graphics modes and so on, and there is tonnes of software to go along with the hardware. The two major Spectrum compatible lines in Eastern Europe are the Pentagon (and it's successor the ATM Turbo) and the Scorpion. The ZX Evolution is compatible to both. It is an FPGA based miniITX motherboard, and when shipped is in Pentagon/ATM Turbo 2+ compatible mode. With a ROM change, it becomes Scorpion compatible. The specs are as follows:

  • Z80 3.5 MHz (classic mode)/ 7 MHz (turbo mode without CPU wait states)/ 14 MHz (mega turbo with CPU wait states);
  • 4 Mb RAM, 512Kb ROM;
  • MiniATX board, 2 ZXBUS slots, power ATX or +5,+12V;
  • Based on fpga (Altera EP1K50);
  • Peripheral MCU ATMEGA128;
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse support;
  • Floppy (WDC1793) Beta-disk compatible interface, IDE (one channel, up to 2 devices on master/slave mode), SD(HC) card, RS232;
  • Video out: RGB, VGA (scandoubler);
  • Sound: AY, Beeper, Covox (PWM);
  • Original keyboard and joystick support;
  • Tape interface (in/out);
  • Real-time clock.
If people are interested, I can see about making a large order from the manufacturers. The price I am paying is $130.00USD plus $30.00USD shipping to Canada.

In addition, there are two hardware expansions available, the NeoGS General Sound/MP3 ZXBUS card, and the TurboSoundFM 12 Channel (6 channel AY/6 channel FM card) dual YM2203 sound card. The NeoGS is $80.00USD and the TSFM is $30.00USD. The manufacturers website is

When in scorpion mode, all of the features of a Scorpion ZS 1024 turbo+ with ProfPZU ROM expansion are supported.

Based on this, is anyone interested?
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