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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
ditto. I could scream at times with the likes of Acube/A-EON/Hyperion.

Why doesn't someone re-create the older hardware which can be used in the original Commodore cases i.e. a motherboard replacement - make it cheaper to produce by enabling users to put in their original Kickstart/Custom chips/accelerators with modern improvements. I'm talking of stuff like the Phoenix 1000 etc.

Jens must make more sales of his 'classic' hardware than any PPC based OS4x system.

This is exactly what I personally hope for, although we need both a 680x0-running CPU and an OCS/AGA/compatible chipset in 'FPGA' to really know it has a future. Currently all expansions sit on existing chips, and 680x0 CPUs are not available in any quantity off the shelf.

I do like the Minimig, although at the point I bought it, it could only run (some) ADFs, no Fastmem/harddisks, no FFS etc. It must in the end be a standalone development platform to replace the Amiga proper. (I must say I regret selling it now that it has become better. I definitely would consider buying it again, especially if it used a firmware upgradable 680x0 core.)

Didn't mean to tweak the original post in another direction, just wanted to chime in. There's no reason to not wish that AmigaOne reaches maximum audience, even if I personally think it's the original platform we should gather round and nurture and develop.
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