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Question Which aspects of games do you wish existed in real life?

This was recently brought up as a tangent on another thread, but I thought it was interesting enough to deserve it's own.

What parts of games do you wish could be part of real life? Bamiga2002, Laffer and I have all wished for the ability to do a quick save so we can do something crazy and see what happens.

I'd also like it if there was a soundtrack, like danger music or the Monkey Island Guybrush / Elaine music in the appropriate situations. Oh yeah

Another one for me would be dialogue options. Rather than having to think of what to say, I'd like a list of options to appear.

What part of games do you think would be cool to see in real life? Would they end up being a bad thing if everyone had access to them? Be as specific or vague as you like.
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