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what shoul i poll for?

Long story shorted
C64 old model (first machine)
C64C new model I have only 1541-II diskdrive and tape to c64s, and fc3.

A500 (2MB Chip) no hd controller, and floppy should have a new one or get one to work from my spare parts computers, should be able to get working again, soon it boots up.
A500+ (2MB Chip 8MB Fast+Alfapower plus hd controller 2 gb hd and mtec 68020/+FPU 14 MHz- Kickstart 3.1, running OS3.9) with cd or dvd drive. (test of dvd in progress)
A2000 (1MB Chip 8MB Fast - Kickstart 3.1 only CPU 68000+GVP Scsi OS3.1 with cd drive)
A4000 (2MB Chip 144MB Fast - Kickstart 3.1 - 68060/FPU/MMU) Fastata card+ariadneII+PicassoIV + DVD burner NEC2500A attached to fastata card+high flyer expansion, and Plextor external scsi burner.
And then some few PCs
PC486 (3xPCI,1xLocal VESA, ISA-I did got this motherboard free, use it to test simm modules for amigas with simms 72 pins, running old linux distros and old dos windows.
Pentium (I got this motherboard free)
Pentium MMX
3xAMD K6-2 (2xAGPx2, 1xNo AGP)
2xAMD Duron (not in any case- got motherboard free)
2xAMD Athlon XP2000+ (AGPx4 - got one of motherboard free)
P4-2GHz (AGPx4)
P4-2.8GHz (AGPx8-not in case brought it so a friend could update to a new board)
last my Intel Duo2Core 3GHz PCI-Express. (got this because the friend that upgrade had defective board but place wouldn't exchange it-I send it for repair and now running but the motherboard has defective audio solution was insert a pci soundcard)
A500 Kick1.2 ½MB Chip expanded with slow ½MB Fast was my first, and dead I have motherboard but cannot get back to live.
I need a bigger room to more computers.
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