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Originally Posted by Turrican2FTW View Post
Totally agree, love the Amiga for what it was and still is to the retro enthusiasts but its title of technically superior will never be regained and if it was then it wouldn't be the Amiga we all know and love.
Amiga is a thing of the past for the genuine fans to love and appreciate but making it more powerful with new technology is moving far away from what we remember and seems pointless (in my opinion)
ditto. I could scream at times with the likes of Acube/A-EON/Hyperion.

Why doesn't someone re-create the older hardware which can be used in the original Commodore cases i.e. a motherboard replacement - make it cheaper to produce by enabling users to put in their original Kickstart/Custom chips/accelerators with modern improvements. I'm talking of stuff like the Phoenix 1000 etc.

Jens must make more sales of his 'classic' hardware than any PPC based OS4x system.

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