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Hi there! I am very new to anything AMIGA :(

Hello everyone!
I am the dumbest person to anything computer ( I am surprised I made it this far lool ) I live here in Southeast TEXAS all my life. I have been in true love of classic game since I played them in 1988 ( I was 8 years old). and since then I have became a serious collector and video game preservation enthusiast to help preserve games from my nostalgic gratification. I will get to the point so I don't waste your time and I am truly sorry if I did. I want to play the BEST version of TURRICAN and TURRICAN II for the AMIGA. If I buy a later model AMIGA (like the AMIGA 600, AMIGA 100, AMIGA 1200,AMIGA 300 etc.) WILL that mean TURRICAN and TURRICAN II will look better, sound better, play better than if I played it on an AMIGA 500? Is the PAL version of TURRICAN and TURRICAN II better than the NTSC? can I use an big sized LCD flatscreen to display TURRICAN and TURRICAN II the BEST graphical look from a REAL AMIGA computer running the ORIGINAL TURRICAN and TURRICAN II from their original floppy's? I am SO SORRY for bothering you all with this, but I am in real trouble, and I just want to FIRST establish playing these two games in the BEST graphic, BEST sound and BEST gameplay experience in their purest/futuristic and perpetuating form I can possibly make it. Then, I will look into preserving the legendary AMIGA computer systems in their PUREST form as well as their classic games. I came here because I have the greatest TRUST and RESPECT for ALL of you here, and I want to HONOR you ALL and hope you are okay with me here to learn and not be stupid anymore lool. I am serious with all my heart to indefinitely preserve the purest and BEST form of TURRICAN and TURRICAN II for the AMIGA as I can make it before I go into the emulated versions and the other legendary gems of the AMIGA out there. I want to thank you all for reading this and giving me a chance, I wish you all the best from all my heart,
Buck Chow Simmons - 31 year old Padawan Learner
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