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It really is so easy to fit a CF to the IDE of your Amiga. I am a noob and managed to get it all working in a couple of hours on my A600. The key is to use UAE to format/partition and install workbench to the CF using your PC. When that is all working and tested in UAE, its a matter of plugging in the CF and adapter into the connector of your Amiga. You can always keep your old harddrive in a drawer so you have a fallback. The CF has more space, is silent, gives off no heat and is much quicker than your 540mb drive. I paid around 20 quid for a 4GB CF and IDE adapter from ebay.

Then you should be looking to add a CF via PCMCIA to your Amiga as well. You dont need to run any thing off this, but its a perfect way to transfer files from your PC to your amiga. 12 quid off ebay. Search for "ADF-Transfer-Kit". Then get a small CF, eg 256mb and use this to transfer all the whdloads from your PC to the amiga.
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