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Okay, did you also download and load in my 16 colour palette into FullPalette, lock each pen, and save it?

Do you also have the skins copied to your Prefs/Presets/Skins/ drawer? If you don't have all this stuff, you can download them here:

FullPalette -
Silver Skins -

And make sure this is in your Startup-Sequence:

Run <>NIL: C:Birdie SYS:Prefs/Presets/Skins/SilverGreen/Active SYS:Prefs/Presets/Skins/SilverGreen/InActive ACTIVEPATTERN REDRAWBITMAPS PUBSCREENS NOICONBORDER FLOODMASKMWB

And some IBrowse images if you want them:

Good luck, let me know how you get on.
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