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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Crikey! £40 to play KO2? I can play that (and Sensi, the better game) for free under WinUAE! And I don't have to travel to some place that might as well be the other side of the world to do it - I can sit on my sofa.

That's a lot of money. In my day even the arcades would cost me a couple of quid for an afternoon's gaming, and that was on a bad day.


That's £40 for 2 days gaming where the games room is open from 8AM to midnight. Plus you dont have a chance at winning trophies or a personalised medal when playing on your own - thats if you can find a decent server on Kailerra - not to mention the chance at playing on the big screen projector
Saying that, unlike Fifa, PES or any other game you can play online, you dont have to pay for Kick Off as the game was released in 1990 but what you do pay for if you enjoy it is to travel to a far off country and odds on you'r enjoy yourself immensly...far more than playing a game in solitary confinement such as Fifa thats for sure.

It's much more than the game though, as Alkis said, it's the experience. You never know you may get a few good results and find yourself in a final.
Personally I find it boring playing against someone who I cant see online and prefer the banter of speaking to my participant, having a laugh at the chances, hearing the cries of anguish if they miss a sitter, or crying out myself when i miss one.

Amiga Forever: Are you the guy on the Amibay forum? Fingers crossed you can make it.

In relation to the people that hope to attend a tournament one day...sadly we are not in a position like Electronic Arts where they force people to buy their game and then have people banging down the doors to play online or organise offline tournaments and if people are not willing to make the effort then there will not be tournanents in the future. It's you, the player, the one who turns up who will make it all possible and waiting for sometime in the future will mean you miss out - and this would be a crying shame.
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