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Totally cool channel. I love Matt Chat, and I like the way it feels so retro. I'm glad he hasn't been tempted to go for many console games yet, but that's just my loyal Amiga bias talking. I don't mind PC/PS1 games, or most things before 1995 really (just not NES/Sega/N64).

I wrote Matt a mail recently but I forgot to mention....
On the intro sequence it shows a C64 loading Matt Chat - but is there supposed to be a space between LOAD and the first open quote (")? I keep seeing the intro without the space and it just looks odd to me.

Anyway, in my letter to Matt, I included a number of games I'd like to see get the MC treatment. Does anyone else have any games they dearly need to be adressed to a wider audience? I chose mostly driving games like the Lotus series, the Vroom series and Stunt Car Racer, as well as a few classic PS1 games (Tomb Raider), so without wishing to hijak this announcement thread I'd love to hear any thoughts on this.. <cough> Apidya <ahem>
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